My School of Thought…On My School Board Chair Vote

It’s been quite the week! I have received requests to explain why I voted for Sharon Gentry as School Board Chair. I read a statement on the floor on Tuesday that is really the foundation of what I believe and why I ran. I recognize that my statement was not enough for some, and I also know that some people will never be satisfied with my reasoning, no matter how much detail I give. I will say this:

I respect Amy Frogge and her commitment to the issues and causes that she believes are important in education in Nashville and beyond. Her loyal following and her ability to mobilize advocates impress me. I believe that if you want to see change, get in the ring and do the hard work. She has done that and I admire her for her tenacity. Our views on education, and what we believe needs to happen for our schools in Nashville, just happen to be on opposite ends of the education continuum.

If you want to know more about my career, what I have done and what I believe, take a look at the op-eds I have written, or the articles that have been written about me, over my career. I have never wavered from a belief in accountability, on many fronts, and have spoken and written at length about my educational philosophy. If you know me, or if you followed my campaign or read this blog, you should not be surprised by my vote on Tuesday night.

It is easy to say that my vote for Sharon Gentry was a referendum on Shawn Joseph. I saw my vote as about much more than that. While not a perfect board chair in the past, I feel that her orientation and her approach to leading are what are needed at this time. I was asked numerous times during my run about what I thought of Dr. Joseph and his leadership to date. I answered the question honestly, and so did my opponent. I knew that I was not privy to all of the information I needed to make a complete assessment of his tenure, but I also spoke frankly of my concerns about issues like the budget, HR issues, and most especially about achievement. I also said we needed to have measured, fair, and transparent conversations about where we are and where we need to correct course. I still believe that, and will push for that as a board member. You can see my answer to the question about Dr. Joseph, as well as my opponent’s answer, on our Channel 5+ forum the night before my election. The next day I won by an almost a 2:1 margin, and I believe that my message resonated with District 8.

Dr. Gentry is one of nine board members, and it is incumbent on all of us to help her perform her duties in a transparent, thoughtful and collaborative manner, and I plan to be an active voice and presence on and off the floor. I hope you will give me, and the Board, time to settle into this new chapter, and will continue to reach out with questions. I am always open to conversation about how we improve our system for students, and how we make MNPS the best place to work in our city.

I’m in it for the long haul, and look forward to continuing the conversation.